Things To Do Before You Say “I Do”

Some of us think finding true love and getting married is all that life has to offer. We spend most of our adult lives trying to find that one true love and finally settle down with them. Marriages are an important part of our lives but it is just a part and not our entire life. Before finding love it is better to find yourself first. You owe this to yourself and the person you finally decide to marry. There are certain things that you can do only before you get married and not after. Here is a wedding bucket list you might want to strike off before you say “I do”.

Be your first love

Love yourself first. You can’t expect someone else to love you unless you love yourself.

Make a mistake

Everyone that we meet teaches us something. Some make us strong and some make us aware. Break a rule and date someone who is all wrong for you. By now you might have a characteristic list of people who you will never even think of marrying in your wildest dreams. He might be the best wedding photographer, but he is just not right for you. Take a leap and date him. It will be an experience wedding photographer hong kong.

Go on a road trip alone

When you are alone, you get a chance to explore yourself. Travel alone, it will make you learn a lot and help you grow as a person. You will learn to adjust, to live alone, to fend for yourself and become a lot more confidant than you are now.

Take a course

Learn something new. Take a course in overseas pre wedding photo. It will teach you what it feels like to have babies and be around infants. It will get you in contact with family and help you learn about marriages and being a parent. While you get to learn something new, you also get to experience another leaf of life. It will help when you finally decide to say “I do”.

Try out different professions

Before you settle with what you want to do for the rest of your life. Try out different working experience just to make sure you want to what you want to do for sure. It also helps you experience different aspects of work and helps you learn and grow in so many different ways. You will be more rounded and smart if you have an idea of the world at large.

Splurge on yourself

You are earning, you are single, you don’t have a lot of responsibility, so take this opportunity to pamper yourself. Spend on a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes just because you like them. Go for a day of sea treatment because you work too hard and need a break. Take yourself shopping not because you need stuff but because you like to. This is the only time you can, so it is a good idea you should. You will never have a chance to be single again. So take this time and tick off the things you want to do before you say “I DO”.